Decadent Indulgence 2 Vibrator Sex Toy

Decadent Indulgence 2

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Made for a more comfortable fit, this Decadent is about a quarter inch thinner than the Original Decadent. The "Hummingbird" has also been replaced with rabbit ears and arms that will "hug" your clit.

Decadent Indulgence 2
Decadent Indulgence 2 Decadent Indulgence 2 Decadent Indulgence 2
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Decadent Indulgence 2

Made for a more comfortable fit, this Decadent is about a quarter inch thinner (Shaft Size) than the Original Decadent. The "Hummingbird" has also been replaced with rabbit ears and arms that will "hug" your clitoris. I find them to be better positioned then the old model.

We Say-"The original Decadent is one of our Favorite Sex Toys Ever. The woman I have talked to love the New Rabbit ears. They should be more reliable and are much better positioned for Clitoral Stimulation. The smaller shaft width will also be better for those who found the Original Decadent A little uncomfortable. The bottom line.. The Decadent 2 has all the Glitz (The Steel Balls, the Power) in a thinner design." Phthalate free.
• A Well outlined Penis Head with Textured Shaft.
• Soft Flickering Vibrating Bunny Ears with Nodule Clitoral Stimulator.
• Non Jamming Rotating Metal Beads .
• Glow in the Dark Controls.
• AUTO Off Function to save battery Power
• New Electronics for more vibrating functions. including 10 speeds of shaft rotation, 10 speeds of clitoral vibration and 2 functions of Escalation.
• Stimulates the Clit and Vagina Simultaneously or individually.
• The Decadent Indulgence features easy to operate controls that allow for a ton of different combinations.
• Shaft Size 1-1/2 " Wide and 7" Long
4 AA Batteries Not Included

Product Characteristics

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Length   7"
Made Of   TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber)
Noise Level   Quieter Noise Level: 5/10 Louder
Power Level   Gentle  Power Level: 9/10 Powerful
Powered By   4 AA Batteries
Speed   Multi-Speed
Width   1-1/2"

Customer Decadent Indulgence 2 Reviews

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5 Stars Mary - Greensboro, North Carolina
Forget the cereal! This will start me off for a great morning when I wake up! I am in true orgasmic heaven with the decadent indulgence. Love the beads! My other vibrator will be thrown out because this one rocks my socks off!
4 Stars C.K. - ST. Louis, MO
The first time I used it, I was amazed!! Definitely one of the best toys I've ever had.
4 Stars Matt - Toronto, ON
My girlfriend loves it, but not so much for the dual-action. She doesn't like it when the shaft is turned on when inserted; she says it just doesn't do anything for her. The clit stimulator, however, she loves; it can make her cum in just a minute or two. Her favorite toy!
5 Stars L.A. - Boston, MA
This is THE toy. Every woman should have one. This is a MUST HAVE. Orgasm everytime. EVERYTIME.
5 Stars Happy med student - New York, NY
In my 27 years of existence on this planet, I only THOUGHT that I had an orgasm. However, the levels that this device had taken me to -- let's put it this way girls: I didn't think it was possible!
I suppose the only drawback is that my boyfriend's jealous. So my advice to you is: just don't tell him about how you don't need him anymore, and you'll be okay. Also, make sure you clear out your social calendars-- you're not going to need it anymore!

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5 Stars Sleeping better in Seatle - Seattle
AMAZING! Girls, this is the one. If you are searching for something that's gonna make your eyes roll and toes curl...get this!
4 Stars Toby - Sioux City, Iowa
I bought this for my wife and WOW! does she have fun with it!! She loves the rabbit and the rotating shaft. It's hard on batteries but a small price to pay for the pleasure. The only thing wrong with it is the control buttons are too sensitive. They can be easily bumped and it will change to a different mode, but still VERY enjoyable.
4 Stars Jessica - Houston, TX
This is orgasms ever over and over. Only downturn is that it eats batteries like nothing else and oh lasted about a year and then the motor died..but oh well...i think i'll buy #3
5 Stars Stud No More - Michigan
I got this for my wife and...well i am not the stud any more. :( I thought I got her to her peak but boy was I wrong. I had to replace the batteries in this with a plug-in multipack! We use it all the time. The wave setting on the rabbit (#2, and #3) puts her over the top so quick and is so intense! The only saving grace for me is she now cums twice...once from the rabbit and then again from me...I hope she is not faking the second one! Any guy should buy this for their girl if they love them!
2 Stars TE - Peoria IL
The freakn I can't wait to get off work. ooo. This is the best thing that has ever been made. It will make you have a seizure for about 4 to 5 secs of happiness then steady contractions. YESSS I LOVE IT.... Well my rabbit ears stopped working today after 6 months.. I am so getting another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 Stars TE - Peoria IL
OMG THE BEST THING MAN HAS EVERR MADE!!!!!!!!!! I AM STUNNED!!!!!!!!!! ORGASM AFTER ORGASM!!!!!5 SEC SEIZURES.....WOW~ CONTRACTIONS!!!!!!! today my rabbit ears stopped working :( I AM SO GETTING ANOTHER!!!!!!!!!
2 Stars PMS - Westport, Ct
Loud, scary looking, awkward controls, not water proof,
3 Stars jjlove - chicago, illinois
omg this is a delicious piece of equipment. However, I am so bummed, it appears that the silicone is erroding by the right side of shaft where the rotating metal beads are. So bummed. Can't use it, need to order a new one or try something else....but Yeowzah!! it was fun while it lasted. Sad it was short lived.
1 Star hd - Chicago, IL
i was excited to get this after all the great reviews here but..... well, it's not what it's cracked up to be. it did the job, eventually, but there are serious flaws with it:

1: the battery compartment won't close so you spend half the time holding the cover on which is really annoying

2: the buttons are awkwardly arranged - you just get to the right setting when a teeny tiny hand movement accidentally presses one of the buttons and it changes setting. if you're just getting to the right place, this is really annoying!

3: and this is the deal breaker - omg it is SO noisy. i swear my neighbors could hear me several floors/apartments away. it was like a construction drill! i found it hard to get into it because i was so put off by the incredibly loud noise.

all in all, not good.
3 Stars Ashley - San Jose, CA
Works well but the shaft is not wide enough and is too long for the clit stimulator to reach correctly. maybe it's just me, I like the original better.
5 Stars Mike - Boston, MA
I bought one for my girlfriend. Wow!!! She used to think she had trouble climaxng. With this, she orgasms herself silly.
5 Stars Nikki - MA
4 Stars Beth - Portland, OR
I really enjoyed this while it lasted. Unfortunately the shaft locked up, and only the rabbit works now. :(
3 Stars Sandy - Omaha NE
This is one powerful toy. It typically makes me cum fast and hard. The only reason I'm rating it low is it stopped working. the METAL BEADS DID JAM and so the shaft doesn't move. THE RABBIT STILL MAKES ME SCREAM WHILE I CUM. :)
5 Stars Greg - Waukesha, WI
Does wonders for my wife. She loves the rotating and vibrating. Works faster than I do.
5 Stars Natalie - Denver, Colorado
Wow, I was expecting great things when I spent this much money on a vibrator. Honestly, my expectations were exceeded! This has worked for me in less than 2 minutes using it alone and has given me incredible orgasms when my husband uses it on me as well. I told my husband it was the "Cadillac" of vibrators and now he lovingly asks me if I want to "take the caddy for a spin". My best friend got one from hearing me talk about mine! Trust me, you'll love it!
5 Stars Brad - Richmond, VA
I bought this for my girl friend recently. It was her very first toy. She could not believe how incredible it made her orgasms. Not only did it make her cum very fast and multiple times, but also increased the length of her orgasms considerably. She can't believe what she's been missing out on all this time! A huge HIGH 5 from me and her!!
5 Stars Jacklyn - California
I just received my product... And I must say it blew all of my vibrators out of the water. I have had about 5 previously, and they just dont cut it. Not even the Doc Johnson rabbit vibrator that I recently bought could compare. If youre a girl looking for stimulation both inside and out... trust me... THIS IS IT. Normally I have to turn all of my old ones up to max power just to climax. This one, I can barely keep on 6. Perfect for your afternoon lunch break!!!
4 Stars Christina - Ft Worth, TX
This toy always makes me orgasm fast and hard. I only gave it a four because the shaft locked on mine too. The rabbit still makes me orgasm better and more than any other toy.
5 Stars CJ - TX
Oh my god. Ijust got done cumming so hard from using this toy. The rabbit is the best I've ever found.
5 Stars First Timer - Midwest
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
5 Stars married marine wife - cali...
ok i just ordered it 2 DAYS AGO....and i got's the first time that i investied in a toy...and it's the best thing for me!!! especially for the long 6 month tours...why didn't i find this earlier...??? it's the best thing if you need clitoral stimulation....I LOVE IT!!! it's worth every penny!!! thanks so much....
5 Stars Brad - Richmond, VA
I bought this for my lady a few months ago. It was her first ever. She is totally hooked now. It gives her incredible multiple orgasms. Her puppy liked it so much, he ate it. I had no choice but to get another for her. I will now keep reminding her to be a good girl and put her toys away.
5 Stars Kristine - Philadelphia, PA
Absolutely amazing!! So many settings that each time is a new experience, so you can use it over...and...over (in the same day!) without getting bored.
5 Stars Morgan - Boulder, Co
This was the best thing I have ever bought for myself!!! I have never been so pleasured ever!!! Totally worth the money
4 Stars Lin - Chicago
Pretty nice over all, this thing is so powerful! But I really wish they hadn't made this new version thinner. It's long enough to satisfy the needs of most but since it's a bit on the thin side it can feel a little awkward....
5 Stars Mom of 2 - Seymour, Tennessee
WOW! This even beats my rabbit! This gave me my most amazing orgasms ever! SUPERB clitoral stimulation, which I need! Made me cry out with pleasure!!! It is a little pricey, but will guarantee satisfaction every time. Well worth the money! Great way to release stress of being a stay at home mom of toddlers! SpicyGear sells this for Almost $100 CHEAPER Than Passion Parties!
5 Stars Ann - Austin, TX
Trust me this is the best if you are not an anal person. It's not strong enough for anal exposure, but it rocks for vaginal use. It's my first toy, and I absolutely treasure it. The rabbit is the best. The battery chamber's cap is a bit hard to open and close, but over all its the best. The rotating beads are wonderful so far, but you have to insert it deep enough. I, like you, have read a lot of reviews. The pearls are accused of breaking down or jamming, but nothing on these fixed metal balls. I love it.
5 Stars Suzanne - Tucson, AZ
5 Stars Donna - Westminster Maryland
Love what that cute little rabbit can do. I haven't experienced anything like this for too long, but I've got it now.
5 Stars LK - Vancouver, WA
I've had some toys, but never a rabbit or something with this many fun variations. So much fun to play with and the bunny bullet even has textured ears! OMFG, how have I lived without this?!?!
5 Stars Jessica - Huntsville, TX
Best toy ever!..orgasm EVERY time and you will not regret buying it. It is worth EVERY penny. I'd only had a few orgasms before this and trouble just getting those..this toy makes it seem ridiculously easy. Even on a bad day I get one in less than 10 minutes..and the great news is that you can stimulate your clit or g spot separately if you can teach yourself to have orgasms without clitoral stimulation which leads to sex that ends great in a shorter even if he finishes fast you'll still get your no matter what. Definitely the best toy Ever!!!

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