Decadent Indulgence 3 Vibrator

Decadent Indulgence 3

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Decadent Indulgence 3 is the latest edition to the best-selling Decadent Indulgence line. It will give you mind blowing, heart pounding, body shaking, orgasms with its 300 patterns of vibration and pulsation.

Decadent Indulgence 3
Decadent Indulgence 3 Decadent Indulgence 3 Decadent Indulgence 3

Sorry this product has been discontinued.

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Decadent Indulgence 3

Here is the Newest Edition to the Best Selling Decadent Indulgence Vibrator.

Just when you thought the Decadent line of vibrators could not pack in any more pleasure, the New Decadent Indulgence 3 proves us wrong. Having this vibrator in your collection is a total must. It will arouse you, excite you, tease you, love you, and send you over the edge. With over 300 patterns of vibration and pulsation, the Decadent Indulgence 3 is ready to give you pleasure like you have never experienced before. Orgasm after orgasm, you will go crazy over this amazing product. Do you think you can handle it?

• Phthalate-free
• A Well Endowed plush rotating head for comfort and pleasure.
• Tri-Point Clitoral Stimulation that moves with you for a body shaking orgasm.
• Non-Jamming Rotating Pleasure Beads.
• Ultra-Sensitive Glow in the Dark Controls for late night play.
• AUTO Off Function to save battery Power.
• The Pinnacle in High Tech design including 10 independent speeds of shaft rotation, 3 clitoral vibration patterns, each with 10 speeds and 2 functions of Escalation with progressive patterns of acceleration.
• Stimulates the Clit and Vagina Simultaneously or individually.
• The Decadent Indulgence features easy to operate controls that allow for a ton of different combinations.

- Requires 4 AA Batteries (not included)

Product Characteristics

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Made Of   TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber-Phthlate Free)
Noise Level   Quieter Noise Level: 5/10 Louder
Power Level   Gentle  Power Level: 9/10 Powerful
Powered By   4 AA batteries (not included)
Speeds   Multi-Speed
Width (around)   4-1/2"
Length (Insertable)   5-1/2"

Customer Decadent Indulgence 3 Reviews

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5 Stars Suz - Chicago, IL
This vibrator is amazing! It gives me a great orgasm every time I use it. It's very quiet but powerful! I am very happy with my purchase :-)
5 Stars Sparky - Dallas, Tx
I bought this for my wife's birthday present this year. The first time we used it she had 3 orgasms in 10 minutes and was begging for me. Her orgasms were so intense she was half giggling and half crying.
5 Stars Lisa - State College, PA
I own different sex toys (massagers, vibrators, dildos), and, from day one, years ago, this has been my favorite, both in terms of quantity and speed (number of orgasms and their frequency), and in terms of quality (the quality both of the product and of the orgasms). On any given day, if I play for, say, 15 minutes, I have easily 8/10 orgasms, sometimes one right after the other (whereas with other products it takes longer.) Quality wise, the orgasms I get are positively the best I have ever had. If you take proper care of this toy, it will last for a long time. I recommend this to all my friends.
5 Stars Kat - San Francisco, CA
I bought this a 2 years ago along with a few others (pocket rocket and a silver bullet) because I was looking to experiment with vibrators. If you're looking for a powerful orgasm this is THE ONE. The various settings keep things interesting once you get used to one rhythm. Unfortunately, it is so noisy I can't use it most of the time, but I pulled it out recently when all my roommates were out of the house. I was sweating and came HARD. Powerful.. but really noisy even on the lowest setting.
5 Stars Lindy - New Orleans, LA
I admit, when I read the reviews about 'screaming orgasms' I was skeptical. And then I tried this vibrator for myself and damned if I'm not a believer now! I have never had as many orgasms or as intense ones as the DI3 has enabled me to achieve. The elephant trunk is unbelievable, the vibrations are EXACTLY on target all the way to the tip of the accessory, not just vibrations at the base. Also, the rotating beads on the shaft stimulate the most sensitive parts of the vagina to give unbelievable pleasure. Hands down the best experience ever, get one, you will not be disappointed! The price investment is well worth it, and the payoff is out of this world- it is like the Porsche of vibrators- fully loaded and equipped with reliable power.

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5 Stars Colleen - New England Area
I thought the Decadent 2 was the best vibrator until my boyfriend surprised me with this delicious work of art. I had multiple orgasms despite getting fucked all night long by my Pappi. Highly recommended product for any woman!!
Best Vibrator I have ever used.

Thank you Johnny Tampa for the delectable delivery!!!
5 Stars Heather (Michael's Wife) - Michigan
I thank my husband for searching this item out for me. He did an excellent job in finding something that could do everything. Hits all the pleasure zones and like he told you that all modes are great.
5 Stars Heather (Michael's Wife) - Michigan
I was very happy that my husband bought me this product and did so much research. The product is really great and like my husband said it works great in all modes! Thank you for the info.
5 Stars Howard - Atlanta GA
Living on the westcoast and eastcoast limits our lovemaking to telephone sex.
My ladyfriend, Linda, usually heats up in a short time (5 to 10 mins) by using her standard vibe and pocket rocket and moves on to a single climax after 20-30 more mins. Bought her a DI #3.
The first time she used the DI #3 she was moaning, groaning and red hot in the first minute and reached 3 orgasms over the next 20 minutes.
Best telsex ever.
5 Stars Melissa - Seattle Area
All I can say is "OH MY GOD"!! Its amazing!
5 Stars Monica - Tampa, Florida
My husband recently purchased DI1 and DI3 for me, I don't know which one is better. I can't get enough,I just go back and forth between them. All I can say is they are worth any price!
5 Stars Maggie - Brooklyn, NY
This is my first vibrator. I did some research and got this one b/c of it's good reviews. I love it. There are so many option/level to choose from. You won't regret getting this.
5 Stars Dana R. - Ft Walton Beach, FL
I called and spoke with Kim and asked for her thoughts on what I should purchase for my first vibrator. She recommended the Decadent Indulgence 3. This product surely lives up to the hype and is unreal. Thanks Kim for the advice and I will surely be ordering from you real soon!
5 Stars Monica - Ames, IA
This was my first sex toy, and it has given me my very first orgasm! The massaging motion of the shaft in conjunction with the clitoral stimulation from the bunny ears does the trick for me. I can't believe that I never tried this sooner...enjoy!
5 Stars M.R. - Miami
First-time purchase for this sort of thing and the orgasms are intense! It only lasted a couple months (did I use it too much?!) and I want another one!
5 Stars T - Central Cali
Man oh Man. I literally orgasmed in 10 seconds. I had trouble putting it away. Put my other toy to shame.
5 Stars Jenny - Chicago, Il
My other vibrators didn't do the trick! This one - OMG! I would say in less than 1 minute, I was screaming and moaning. This vibrator is worth the price. The best orgasm that I have had that I cried.....
5 Stars Doyle - Abilene, TX
This is truly one of the best vibrators out there, all the reviews were right about this one. This is the first Jack Rabbit Vibrator I've bought for my wife and she absolutely loves it. She really loves the elephant trunk.... and I gotta say that trunk gets with it, it gets right to THE point if you know what I mean. Within 10 minutes if even that, she had multiple orgasms... and thats impressive because she's no stranger to orgasms. Its quiet as can be and powerful as all get out. Its a really good buy. She loves it, and I love that she loves it. Will be keeping this toy for a while.
4 Stars Marie - Charlotte, NC
My hubby purchased this for me and I really like it. Upon inserting it and turning the vibrator and spinning head, I came in less than a minute. This is a good vibe, but if you ladies are looking for more filling (girth and thickness), you may want to look at other vibes, as the shaft is rather skinny. this is a nice cock, but for me, I need something that will fill me up a little better. Overall though, I give this a 8/10.
5 Stars Jerry - Michigan
My wife and I love to "play," but when I gifted us with the DI3 she thought I'd spent too much. An hour later, all her energy gone, she said, "Well, that thing has already paid for itself!!" The next time she mumbled something about "Explosion..." She has always come to orgasm very, very slowly. Not a bad thing, but when you only have an hour or two, you gotta use the right tools for the job. This is, without a doubt, one of the two tools we keep at hand!
5 Stars Marisol - Las Vegas, Nevada
I LOVE this vibrator. I found it in a store in Canada, for too high of a price. I now buy it from this website and use it all of the time. It is the best! I can't stop coming with it.
3 Stars Suzanne - Baltimore
Just got it and tried it out tonight. VERY LOUD. Not discreet at all. Great power vs some other battery operated friends I've tried. Did not smell rubbery. Clit stim a little too powerful even on low.
5 Stars JB - seattle, wa
My wife absolutely loved this. We had the ultimate rabbit but she felt this was even better.
5 Stars Amanda - Midwest
This is the best $75 I've ever spent. I love using it while my boyfriend is at work so I'm nice and ready for him when he gets home. He loves to watch me use it. We also use it to get me ready for anal sex. It's done wonders to enhance our intimate relationship!
5 Stars LK - Vancouver, WA
I treated myself to the Decadence Kit to replace some old toys. I Chose DI II and DI III. I am so impressed! So many variations to choose from and what a wonderful use for those rechargeable batteries! Kudos to the creators and staff & other customers for their great reviews.
5 Stars Steve - Michigan
This vibe is hands down my girlfriend's favorite and so far the only thing that has gotten her to actually have a squirting orgasm
5 Stars Annie - Philadelphia, PA
I bought this toy earlier this week and just used it now but I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to use it because it's by far the best sex toy I have ever used! I orgasmed in under a minute. If you're thinking of buying this you definitely should because it's worth the price!
4 Stars Suzue - Dallas, Texas
So Hot. So Hot. I usually blow my boyfriend in the linen closet at our favorite restaurant in New Orleans -- this time he used the Decadent Indulgence on me once and I used it on myself twice while he masturbated. It was so good. I could not be as quiet as I needed to be. I think the bus boys heard me. I loved watching my boyfriend masturbate while I just kept on cumming and cumming and cumming. He squeezed my nipples and I let out a huge moan ... I think the whole restaurant heard us. It was totally hot.
4 Stars Jess - Dallas Texas
I may never use a man again. Their dicks seem so simple and boring now.
I do wish the shaft was a little thicker though
1 Star Kristina - somewhere, In Cali
I can't get anywhere with this thing. The hummingbird is useless, I MUCH prefer the rabbit. My husband and I use the rabbit a lot, and when he's working late, or I'm particularly horny, I get off like you wouldn't believe with a FIERCE combination that I highly recommend, the DEVIL DICK coupled with the HITATCHI MAGIC WAND. Powerful, mind blowing orgasm after which you will sleep like a baby.
5 Stars Sean - Indiana
I am deployed to Iraq and my wife needed something to keep her satisfied until I return. To our surprise the first time she used it within 5 minutes it brought her to her first squirting orgasm. Completely worth the price of the vibe.
4 Stars alishia - FL
though i've only tried 2 rabbit vibrators, i gotta say me and my boyfriend have had the most fun with this one. the different pattern settings for vibrations are great. you can bend the top of the shaft a bit to get more rotation which gave much more internal stimulation. the beads were ok but kind of a disappointment from what i was expecting. you don't feel them nearly as much as you'd think. it is a great toy for some foreplay before sex though and if you're a single lady, a very nice second-choice to a man! only things i'd like to see for improvement would be a slightly longer shaft, bi-directional rotating beads, and slightly thicker shaft.
5 Stars Anne - New Jersey
This is my first time purchasing a DI3 vibrator, and it felt absolutely amazing. I never thought that I could ever have such an incredible orgasm in just under 2 mins. I highly recommend this product. -Thank you so much.
5 Stars Ann - Mn
I can't stop using this! I have cum so long and hard that I am ecstatic! Maybe a try in the back door ;-o
3 Stars Alisha - Fort Myers, FL
This is a great vibrator, but the only reason I couldn't give it more than 3 stars is because of the material it's made of. It's not very soft and not even remotely realistic. I prefer elastomer by a long shot in comparison, but I do have to say the clitoral stimulator on this one is great! If they made this with elastomer material, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!!!
5 Stars Lisa - Honolulu, Hawaii
An amazing an orgasm machine. hits all the right spots!!!
5 Stars sylvia - washington DC
Never had an orgasm in my 23 years "alive." Had two my first time using it. Amazing!
5 Stars MP - SW, Florida
This is a great toy. I used the clitoral part mostly because I didn't seem to like the rotation of the shaft. I definitely recommend it. Guaranteed orgasm within 5 minutes, and had multiples. Once I forgot to remove the batteries and when I did take them out a few hours later they seemed to have leaked, but the toy still worked. My wrist would hurt from trying to hold it properly without pressing the buttons while using it. Should have a better handle. Also the motor on the clitoral part died must have used it too much ;)
5 Stars Sabrina - Chicago, IL
This is the most amazing toy I have ever used. The beads along the shaft aren't displeasing by any means, but the power lies in the humming bird!! This is a first rate product!
5 Stars Barbara - Indianapolis,IN
OMG!!! and WOO HOO! That's all I've got to say about this one! Get one girls, you won't be sorry. I don't want to put it down!
3 Stars Nick - Minnesota
This is a great toy for the wife, one big complaint is that the vibrator motor burns out rather quickly. We've been through 2 already, each lasted for about 4 months of occasional use. Pretty spendy for how short they last. BUT no other toy can get her there like this one.
5 Stars Sparketta - Denva, CO
It is de-lic-ious-ness in a stick, far better than my man's dick :)
2 Stars Becky - Boston, MA
I loved this so much that even though the first one broke after two months of use I bought another. Then that one also broke very quickly. It's great until it breaks. But it breaks easily and quickly.
1 Star DeeDee - Charlotte, NC
I was the proud owner of the older version of the Decadent Indulgence II. I had never been happier but unfortunately, the Rabbit locked up on me and I returned it for replacement. Low and behold the manufacturer CHANGED THE TEXTURE TO A MATERIAL CALLED TPR, which feels like jelly and muffles the power/stimulation capability. It has completely changed the quality of the product and fails beyond measure. I AM DEVASTATED. Please change it back!!! There was no need to "fix" something that no doubt was not broken. The Decadent Indulgence III has also been changed to this new material.
4 Stars Kelly - Grand Rapids MI
I would give it a full five stars but the controls are located where you would hold it and if you are not careful you can change the setting or even turn it off right as things get really good.
1 Star Sherry - DePere Wi
Save your money. No a good buy even if it is on sale.
2 Stars Cherry - Cheyene, Wy
Very disappointed with this vibe. It was a complete waste of money. I have owned several rabbit style vibes and enjoyed them tremendously, but not this one. The clit simulator feels like an alien probe, much to pointy. The phallus does not have enough girth. The handle and back to battery pack is very cheaply made. The buttons are super sensitive, so you must remove battery to store. The only plus I will give this toy is that so far the beads have not jammed.
5 Stars Samantha - Laredo, TX
Wow What A Great Product! The rotaion and vibration was perfect. Very esay to controll and the clit hummingbird was dead on. I love this vibrator and wish I bought it a long time ago.
5 Stars Camille - Seattle, WA
Absolutely amazing, the best vibe I've ever bought....It is so powerful and the hummingbird is heavenly. I can't get my homework done because I want to keep playing.
5 Stars The Princess - Seattle
Amazing. This Vibrator had me cumming in minutes....positively my favorite toy I've ever bought. The pink color is adorable as well....the hummingbird is amazing and the rotating shaft = heaven.
5 Stars Nancy - Massachusetts
I am a 56 year old woman that lives alone. I have tried several vibrators, but this one gave me an intense climax that I have never exerienced before. I wish that I had this years ago. I no longer have a desperate need to have a man. Is there a man that is capable of giving this much pleasure?
5 Stars melissa - flanagan
OMG!!!!!! This is the best toy i have ever owned. I really cant express that enough.Moments after i got this product i rushed to get it unwrapped and put batteries in ..30 sec later i had to turn it off..The most powerful orgasm i have ever felt. WOW WOW WOW WOW...... ENOUGH SAID.
5 Stars Lala - Minnesota
Pretty good for a first toy!
5 Stars BCB - MD
Oh my Gosh, I never believed in vibrators, but after going thru divorce, finally getting on my feet and feeling free and extremely horny, I couldn't wait for this first toy ever to come in, I screamed and moaned like never before in my life, had the best orgasm ever, can't get any work done cause I am so addicted, this is the best toy ever, makes me scream every single time in no time, giving humongous multiple orgasms, I am thinking to buy an additional one, just in case this one stops working, I can't believe I lived this long (I am 27) without experiencing this extraordinary pleasure. I am a professional business woman, all I do is work, so there is no need for men no more, especially when I don't want to be in a serious relationship. It is safe, extremely satisfying and no need to take these blood clots causing birth control pills.
thank you.
5 Stars Laura - Maryland
This vibrator is absolutely amazing!!! I come away shaking every time from the powerful orgasms that result. You simply have to try it!!
5 Stars Michael - South Dakota
Found this site while searching for a toy for my wife. Well, I decided on this one because of the reviews, staff pick and the what to look for in a vibrator. They all were most helpful in my decision. I bought this for my wife during our separation, her first. After some questioning, I managed to get the truth...."It's worth the money" "It's great in all modes" "Thanks"

Thanks for the info

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