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Hot & Smooth

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This sleek traditional vibrator will get you fired up with its extremely powerful multi-speeds of vibration. Powered by 2 C Size batteries, the Hot & Smooth Vibe is smooth to the touch which will compliment your every curve.

Hot & Smooth
Hot & Smooth Hot & Smooth
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Hot & Smooth

This sleek traditional vibrator will get you fired up with its extremely powerful multi-speeds of vibration. Powered by 2 C Size batteries, the Hot & Smooth Vibe is smooth to the touch which will compliment your every curve. Use a silicone or water based lubricant with this powerful vibe and you are in for a memorable night of orgasmic pleasure.

A terrific vibrator for beginners, the Hot & Smooth Vibe is very easy to operate. Its multi-speeds are operated with the twist dial on the base. This is a vibe that can be used for clitoral, vaginal, and even anal stimulation. The vibrations are felt throughout the entire length of the shaft, not only in the base or tip like some other vibrators.

-Multi-speed twist control for simple operation
-Easy to clean
-Packing is either Top cat or Spicygirl

Product Characteristics

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Length   7"
Made Of   Hard Plastic (chrome color is chrome plated)
Noise Level   Quieter Noise Level: 6/10 Louder
Power Level   Gentle  Power Level: 8/10 Powerful
Powered By   2 C Batteries
Speed   Multi-Speed
Width   1-3/4"

Customer Hot & Smooth Reviews

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5 Stars Allie - Berryville, VA
I love it! My boyfriend got this for me and it came in the mail today and quickly too!. This is my first toy and I really enjoy it. Its very powerful so start out with the lower setting and work your way up to whatever your comfortable with. Great for Clit and G spot. I havent fully reached an orgasm but I have gotten very close to it. I just need to use it more, get used to it and find what I like. I was kind of surprised by the size, larger then I expected. This is a great vibrator and for an awesome price! I cant thank my boyfriend enough for buying me this! I can't wait to use it again!
4 Stars Joseph - Los Angeles, CA
I am a male and I bought this to try out the anal thing and it is great! The vibration is awesome and it feels soo good. The oragasm I get from using this is amazing. A must buy.
4 Stars Jenny - Roanoke, TX
This is the first sex toy I have ever owned, but I am so glad I got it. For my first vibe I wanted something really simply just to try one out, and I am very impressed. Not having a sex toy to compare it to, I'm afraid I won't be much help, but it served my needs just fine!
4 Stars kathy - Franklin Lakes, NJ
wow is all i can say about this ... it's so stimulating and it satisfies my urges.
4 Stars Nissa - Fort Collins, Colorado
Great power. A little short...and not water proof so it makes me nervous to clean without damaging power source.

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5 Stars Stacy - Gainesville, FL
Amazing. This was the first vibrator I ever had, and the orgrasm I got from it was amazing. The vibrations are pretty strong, so I probably should have started off a little slower. It left me a little soar, but I would definitely recommend this for others.
5 Stars Will - Salt Lake City, Utah
WOW! I got this vibe for my wife for our tenth anaversary. She hit orgasims that night like it was our honeymoon again. Very powerful. Definately reccomended.
5 Stars Heather - Upstate NY, NY
WOW. I recently made a purchase of 3 toys from SpicyGear, and this one surprised me in that it was much simpler than the other toys but gave me the most pleasure by far. I used it for clitoral stimulation and when you turn the speed control up to the "high speed" (which comes almost like a shock!) it'll make you moan FAST. I'm usually really quiet when I'm getting myself off but with this toy on high speed it basically took over my body and I had the loudest time I've ever had. So sleek and discreet too (as compared to the other silicone toys I purchased), and a relatively quiet motor. DEFINITELY try it out!
5 Stars Megan - San Diego, CA
It's my first toy and so is his. We love using this thing, both vaginal and anal ;)
5 Stars Mrs.T - Florida
This is an awesome vibe. My husband enjoys using it on me. Also fast shipping!
Bought this one for the wife and 2 years and a few miles after, it keeps going and going, wife comes every time several times, loves it! She wasn't into toys untill this one. Highly recommended.
5 Stars Lily - Brisbane, QLD
This is the best sex toy I've ever bought. Although it was a bit larger then what I thought, the power is amazing and it's really not that loud. A must buy ;)

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