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Doc's Ultimate Stroker

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The Ultimate Stroker is an innovation in vibrators! The soft head smoothly moves back and forth while the bead swirling shaft rotates in desired direction. The powerful multi-speed butterfly clitoral stimulator heightens erotic sensation.

Doc's Ultimate Stroker
Doc's Ultimate Stroker Doc's Ultimate Stroker

Sorry this product has been discontinued.

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Doc's Ultimate Stroker

The Ultimate Stroker is an innovation in vibrators! The multi-speed, multi-function controller is simple and fun to use. The deep stroking squirmy head moves up and down while rotating clockwise or counter clockwise. Shaft also contains dual vibrating bullets so you can enjoy its powerful vibrations throughout the whole shaft. Its multi-speed butterfly clitoral stimulator heightens erotic sensation with its vibrating bullet.

You have never experienced a vibrator like this before! One of our highest quality top shelf vibrators that we offer!

- Ships from our New Jersey Location.

-Rotating up and down stroker motor in one vibrator.
-Powerful Clitoral stimulation & rotating beads
-Multi-function controller
-Operated by 4AA batteries

Product Characteristics

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Made Of   Soft Jelly
Noise Level   Quieter Noise Level: 4/10 Louder
Power Level   Gentle  Power Level: 9/10 Powerful
Powered By   4AA batteries (not included)
Speeds   Multi-Speed
Length   5-1/2" insertable
Width (Around)   5" at widest point

Customer Doc's Ultimate Stroker Reviews

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5 Stars Laura - Atlanta, GA
Personally I have very sensitive nipples so the combination of the two keeps me in my bed for hours, wet and having orgasm after orgasm. Its actually made work less stressful. I brought it to work as we have a small private bathroom where I'm able to use it. I kick one leg up and put my stroker in. And no one knows. I love it! I never used to cum as much as I do when I use my vibrator. It literally is dripping out of me when Im done! Overall I feel like a much more sexual person now and life couldnt be better! If you have never used a vibrator or are "shy" like I was about sex toys, this is definitely a reason not to be! If you aren't single, have a lot of stress in your life with kids, just find a place of your own to escape to so you can enjoy this!!!! Oh and it's quiet enough so you can use it in public, like a restroom, a friends party, a hotel room etc. I travel for work from time to time and sit through long meetings. I will sometime excuse myself for 10 minutes and use it in the ladies restroom.
3 Stars Jennifer - KS
I purchased this vibrator a couple of years ago and for the first year or so it was great. I have to have clitoral stimulation to get me off, so this was perfect. A couple problems though. First, clean up sucks with this thing because of all the little crevices. No matter how well I cleaned it, it wasn't getting clean enough. Second, the clit stimulator broke, so I was left with just a moving penis, which doesn't get me off. All in all, it's okay, but it's cumbersome.
5 Stars Laura - Atlanta, GA
This has changed my life! After not being intimate with anyone for a year I decided to "secretly" look at vibrators online as I started missing the pleasure I got from the passionate (almost daily) sex my ex-boyfriend and I used to have. I was worried it wouldn't give me the same pleasure as being with a guy. When my stroker came in the mail, I couldn't get home fast enough to use it. The shaft moves up an down like a real penis and with the clitoral stimulation, it took my breath away, and I'm having multiple orgasms every time! Now instead of coming home frustrated I take off my clothes, lie down on my bed (Im already wet because I know what's waiting for me...) spread my legs, insert my stroker on a low speed and gradually turn it up and OH MY GOD!!!! I also purchased the nipple arousers and I use them at the same time. The pleasure has been out of this world.

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