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These sex toys are designed specially for her. This department includes nipple vibrators, hands free stimulators, and kegal exercisers that strengthen the vagina.

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  • Vibrating Panties

    At work, play, or even on the crosstown bus, switch on the Stimulator, tucked inside the secret pouch of our Vibrating Panties. As it presses oh-so-perfectly against your tingling clitoris, you’ll feel how exciting it is to come as you are!
  • Nipple Stimulation

    Nipple Vibrators and Sex Toys - These toys are designed to stimulate the nipple. They can either suck with the use of a pump, vibrate or provide a combination of sucking / vibration stimulation.
  • Hands-Free Stimulators

    These strap on toys are worn similar to a pair of panties. These types of sex toys feature a small insertable piece that fits into the vagina along with a clitoral stimulator. They can be worn over clothing if you so chose. One size fits most.
  • Kegel Exercisers

    Kegel Exercisers help women strengthen their PC Muscles. Kegels are a series of exercises which can help tighten up the pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles) which in turn tighten your vagina.