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Decadent Indulgence

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From mild to wild! The Decadent Indulgence Vibrator aims to please. Rotating shaft features metal balls and intense clitoral butterfly. One of our Top Picks!

Decadent Indulgence
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Decadent Indulgence

Great for Rhythmic Vaginal and Intense Clitoral Stimulation.

The Decadent Indulgence has 9 strategically placed heavy-duty rotating pleasure beads and a well-endowed deep penetrating rotating head for vaginal arousal. We receive a ton of great feedback on this product and comes highly recommended by our staff, our customers and many noted sex therapists. Phthalate free.

Kimberly Says- The original Decadent Indulgence is one of my favorite products. It is very powerful for a battery operated toy. It has the power needed to keep its steel balls rotating during orgasm. Also features a very powerful clitoral Hummingbird Vibrator and can be controlled in varying intensities.

Product Features:
• A Well outlined Penis Head with Textured Shaft
• Soft Flickering Hummingbird Clitoral Stimulator.
• Rotating Metal Beads .
• Multiple Speeds of shaft rotation & clitoral vibration.
• Stimulates your Clitoris and Vagina Simultaneously or individually.
• 1-3/4" Wide Shaft is Insertable to 6-1/2" Deep
Premium Quality Construction. 4 AA Batteries Not Included.

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Product Characteristics

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Length   6-1/2"
Made Of   TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber-Phthalate Free)
Noise Level   Quieter Noise Level: 6/10 Louder
Power Level   Gentle  Power Level: 9/10 Powerful
Powered By   4 AA Batteries
Speed   Multi-Speed
Width   1-3/4"

Customer Decadent Indulgence Reviews

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5 Stars Lisa - Seatle, WA
Oh wow! This vibrator gave me my very first orgasm at 33!!
5 Stars cutiepie84 - CA
I'm normally not a big fan of "innie" vibrators. I find them unrealistic, and sometimes painful. This toy however is incredible. Its big enough to fill any needs one might have, but not big to the point of making a smaller girl feel uncomfortable. I had to try this toy out the moment I got it and I was shocked by how amazing it was. I experienced an amazing orgasm that left me on cloud 9 for quite some time afterwards. This is a toy no woman should be without!
5 Stars Holly - Columbus, OH
I love this hummingbird. My husband works all night so this is my best friend at night.
4 Stars John & Tiffany - CA
This is the most amazing vibrator ever! Once you've had it, you can't go back...the only problem is that it only lasts about 3 months before the clit stim wiring goes out on it... Any we are here to purchase another one!
5 Stars Chell - WV
I just got this toy today and I couldn't wait to try it out. I loved it so much I had to come on here and give it a great review. It's truly a wonderful toy and it definitely does it's job. ...PERFECTLY! Also the price here is the very lowest that I've seen online.

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5 Stars Monica - Houston
Its so amazing! This is my fist vibrator and I wouldn't trade it for anything!
4 Stars Donna - Salem, MA
Incredible! This arrived just as promised and did exactly what you said it would. I appreciate your honesty.
5 Stars Kimberly - STAFF
The Decadent Indulgence is a work of art, guaranteed to make any woman have a quality deep orgasm. The multiple ways you can use this product are endless. More woman have referred friends to our site after trying this product than any other product we have ever sold. This just shows the power and intensity of the Decadent Indulgence. This is the vibrator that will change the way any woman experiences powerful orgasm... Every Time!
5 Stars Chris - California
My boyfriend bought it for me and the first time we used it, I could'nt believe how good the rotating head felt. I came three times in 15 minutes, I  still can't believe it. I never orgasm.
4 Stars sherrie - valdosta, GA
I received my toy today and let me say yes, yes, yes. I just wished it was wider and longer for a deeper satisfaction. I am looking at your great king vibrator and as soon as it becomes more in my price range I will be ordering it
4 Stars S.L - Mo.
Wow!!! My first orgasm!! It was amazing!! Like the woman before me said though.. wish it was a little longer and a little wider. But it was GREAT!!
5 Stars Monica - Texas
Its so amazing! This is my fist vibrator and I wouldnt trade it for anything!
5 Stars O.T. - MI
This is a great toy! You can control the clit vibe seperate from the twirling head at different speeds which helps me have awesome orgasms everytime I use it. The rotating lil balls on the inside also helped to hit just the right "spot" - I love it!
5 Stars Gina - Chicago, IL
Now, I loved this vibrator. I tried it by myself, now I just want to get my boyfriend to try it with me ( he does'nt like that-yet). But I know that was one of the best orgasms I have ever had.
5 Stars Marie - GA
This vibrator was of the best vibes I have ever used. Gave me multiple orgasms...used it so much one day was sore...wonderful!!!!
5 Stars Ruth - Pennsylvania
This toy is the best thing I have seen so far, and I have owned about ten different vibrators. Thanks to this vibrator I discovered that I could orgasm three times in a minute, totally lose control of my body and mind, and still want more. My orgasms with this toy have been the most powerful I have ever had. At first the hummingbird can be perhaps too intense, so I suggest taking it easy with the power levels and take it one step at a time. Play with it an try different speeds and movements. Depending on how often you use it and for how long, it might die sooner that you want (of course), but it is definitely worthy every penny. Enjoy!
1 Star Belina - Kansas City, MO
I was disappointed and felt I had to write this review, in case other women purchase this and feel like a freak because it didn't get them off. I will give it some time, but if you are used to pumping vibrators in and out like me, these clit simulators can actually get in the way - the hummingbird beak felt like a sharp pencil! I am certainly no virgin to vibes but think this will take getting used to - wish the penis vibrated as well as rotated but it doesn't. Try as I did that beak hit me in all the wrong spots - wish I had a dolphin type or something less pointed.
5 Stars D - Central Washington
OMG........ this is an amazing toy. Love love love the hummingbird and what it does for me!
5 Stars Carrie - Wisconsin
I have never came so hard in my life. OH MY GOD!!! In the past I have used vibrators while driving to work, at my office cubicle, etc. Not this one you had better be ready for a lot of squealing and moaning when you cum! ;-0
3 Stars Alex - Houston, TX
This is my third vibrator. If I could rename it I would call it the Elusive Orgasm. It brought me to the brink many times, but for some reason never sent me over the edge (or at least not often). It's almost to the point of irritating... and the hummingbird creates for too much intensity in too tiny of an area.. maybe it's just too intense for me, I don't know. Prefer the classic rabbit vibes way more!!
5 Stars Heather - St. Louis, MO
I've had this toy for years, then bought the newer version and reverted back to this one. I've had it for years and it just, I'm here to replace it..It's the most incredible orgasms...multiples...
5 Stars Alex - KY
Mine just died after 2 years and I am frantic to get another one. I need it right now. Life without that little hummingbird seems so dull.
5 Stars Stacy - Forest Lake, MN
After ordering and trying all three versions of this toy and many others including several different g-spot vibrators - I can honestly say this is the BEST! I can choose to have an orgasm from my g-spot or from my clit. I use this with my husband and without if I'm in the mood and he's not. It takes the stress out of sex and guarantees my orgasm so that we can both relax and have a good time. It's not easy for me to orgasm, and it was always a chore. Now, it takes less than five minutes and sometimes I get a bonus orgasm. Once you have the hummingbird, you won't go back. So worth the money!
5 Stars Karen - Illinois
The clit part does wear out but still my absolute favorite and worth repeat buying!!
5 Stars Kate Driskell - Alachua, FL
I love this vibrator!!! I had this one a while and decided to try another one for something different because I didn't realize how spectacular this one is. But it didn't compare!! Mine eventually gave out, but my friends just bought me another for my bachelorette party. That's what friends are for!
5 Stars Maree - Rancho cucamonga, CA
This is extrodinary! The intense orgasisms I have are Amazing! I never knew what an orgasim was until I tried this. I use it sometime three times a day. I cant get enough. Plus I have become a more daring and better lover for my husband.
5 Stars Tina - NJ
This was the first vibrator I every purchased and I wore it out. Tried others nothing compares.
5 Stars kl - chicago, il
My wife shocked me by expressing interest at vibrators in a neighborhood sex shop. I was too insecure to purchase one. A year later, I got the nerve to get her the Decadent Indulgence for a surprise Xmas gift. The shop girl said it was the most recommended model; it was also the most expensive, which made me a little skeptical. My wife was nervous but interested in using it the first time (she still hasn't looked directly at it in the light after about four uses). She said it gave her the most intense orgasms of her life. The sight of her writhing mightily while I held the device was more erotic than anything I had ever seen, or had expected to ever see. Holding the rabbit against her while I was behind and inside her was incredible for both of us. When the kids are away for the weekend, it is our secret toy.
5 Stars Heather - MINN
OMG this toy is amazing!!! I have had toys but this out does them all!!!!
5 Stars Tim - NJ
I have bought this for a Valentine's Day for my wife. It usually takes time for my wife to have an orgazm, with this toy she did it just in seconds. Awesome result!!!I have bought this for a Valentine's Day for my wife. It usually takes time for my wife to have an orgasm; with this toy she did it just in seconds. Awesome result!!!
5 Stars Cel - CA
I've bought other vibrators and this one blows the other vibrators away! I love this one. It is the only one we use now. I have the most amazing orgasms with this toy. I've had it for over a year and it's still going strong. Would highly recommend to any woman. Believe me, you won't regret it! :)
5 Stars Corinna - Alberta, Canada
Good God, Its amazing. The besst thing I have ever had in my bed other than my man.
3 Stars Dawn - WA.
I have issues with the durability of these.
I Have had two, in less then 2 years and currently neither is working. For aggressive girls like me, they dont last which is a pity they feel awesome!! One doesnt shut off and the beads no longer rotate, the other broke at the connecting point of the shaft and the battery box.

Nothing else out there is even close if you like the hard clit action. I am getting another one, hopefully will have better luck with it.
5 Stars Emily - Savannah Ga
I have used vibrators for many years, and this is probably the best I have used. It is easy to manuver, easy to control, and the pleasure is simply marvelous. I don't normally order things on line, but I was wanting a new toy and this site provided me with discrete shopping and a wide variety of toys. I will shop again and again I am sure.
4 Stars Solo in BC - Vancouver, BC
At full speed, it's intense and never fails to satisfy. Fastest orgasm I've ever had.
Wish it was a little quieter. Add two details; make the head rotate and a back end stimulator you'd have the best toy ever. Lots of fun.
I have the ultimate orgasm and decadent indulgence ii and this is by far the best. I don't know what i would do without it! Simply the best.
5 Stars Melissa - Sacramento, CA
Good lord this thing is INCREDIBLE!! The best part is the "rabbit" which is actually an elephant. Not only does its trunk vibrate for the majority of your clit stimulation, but his little feet and big flappy ears vibrate too, making for a very intense orgasm! Ladies, definitely treat yourself to this!
5 Stars Sarah - Columbus, MS
I have had several vibrators and this one hands down is the best!!! You need to buy this right now.
5 Stars GMR - Chicago, IL
I love the Decadent Vibrators. All of them. When I found out the sale price on all three of them, I bought them up. I had previously used the 1 and 2 before, but not the 3. So I wanted to try that one. So i bought it. The clit is AWESOME. Pretty much on all three of them, all though I like the speeds on the 2 and 3 better. They can go faster. The only problems are the fact that I keep having problems with my battery connecter falling out, and like other people said, I wish it had a little longer and wider too. But just a little. But I am sooooooooooooo happy that I bought these!!!!!
5 Stars David - Brentwood, Tn
I bought this for my wife for Valentines day.. She is very conservative, and was shocked. After some coercing, I convinced her to try it, and if she didn't like it we would get rid of it..

Well, I don't think she knew what hit her. She started smiling as soon as I turned it on. She came in about 1 minute, and now she loves to use it before having intercourse.

She initiates sex much more often, and is much more excited about foreplay..

This is a definite must for anyone looking to add some excitement to their sex lives..
5 Stars beth - dallas, tx
If you only buy one toy, this is the one! Makes me cum and cum.
5 Stars Kasey - Texas
4 Stars Kasey - Texas
Don't let the little flying elephant scare you--you will LOVE him! Great material, good choice of settings and MUCH stronger than you would expect from a battery operated vibrator. You can control the vibrations of the penis part separate from the clit stimulator. If they buttons faced the other way and it was black you would never keep them in stock! Excellent product!

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