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  • Ten Powerful Vibrators That Cost $25 or Less

    affordable vibratorsBuying a vibrator does not mean you have to spend a lot of money. There are a lot of powerful, amazing vibrators that can give you a lot of pleasure without blowing your budget. In this video presentation, we have listed ten examples of powerful vibrators that all cost $25 or less.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Jennifer Amato on 07/12/2011
  • Personal Lubricants That are Condom and Sex Toy Safe

    Condom and Sex Toy Safe LubricantsIf you are shopping for a condom and sex toy safe lubricant, here is a helpful article that provides some product examples to help you in your search.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Jennifer Amato on 03/17/2011
  • Bullet Vibrators - Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

    Bullet VibratorsAre you in search of an inexpensive, discreet vibrator that offers versatility and great performance?  Check out these bullet vibrators.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 12/28/2010
  • Five Inexpensive Sex Toys for Beginners

    Inexpensive Sex ToysCongratulations.  You have decided to purchase your first sex toy.  However, you want to get the most bang for your buck, especially since you are new to sex toys.  This article gives examples of some inexpensive sex toys for beginners.  Therefore, you can explore the world of sex toy pleasure for your first time without having to drain your bank account.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 12/21/2010
  • Give a Holiday Gift That Keeps on Giving

    holiday gift ideasBuying a sex toy for your partner may not be on your holiday gift list.  Why not?  Sex toys can be a great way to spice up your relationship and also work wonders during those private self pleasuring moments.  Here are some great holiday gift ideas.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Jennifer Amato on 12/06/2010
  • Give That Special Someone A Sexy Holiday Surprise

    holiday gift ideas for couplesThe holidays are quickly approaching. What are your gift plans for that special someone in your life?  There are so many wonderful things that you can buy, but wait.  Why not make this holiday season extra sexy and special?  Gift cards, clothes, watches, cologne or perfume are always great options.  However, why not turn it up a notch and give a gift that can bring you and your partner closer together?  If you and your partner are open to using adult toys, or other types of erotic products, these products will add excitement to your relationship.  Here are some great holiday gift ideas that will set the tone for a night of passion and pleasure.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 11/08/2010
  • Five Clitoral Vibrators That Generate the Power You Want at The Prices You Will Love

    Clitoral vibrators can make a huge difference on your ability to achieve an orgasm.  If you currently do not use a vibrator, you are probably using your fingers to stimulate the area.  Many women may find that when she masturbates, playing with your clitoris is more effective than vaginal stimulation.  Some women may also find that during intercourse, you prefer your partner to play with your clitoris to help you to achieve an orgasm. 

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 05/21/2010
  • The Pleasure of Glass Dildos

    Glass DildosGlass dildos come in all shapes and sizes.  Some glass dildos are completely smooth, others  are textured with bumps and ridges to add to the sensation of using the toys.  If you are concerned about using a glass dildo out of fear that it is going to crack or break during use, glass dildos are made of phthalate free medical grade Pyrex glass that are safe to use.  They are durable, easy to clean, and great for users who have rubber of plastic allergies.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 03/19/2010
  • Wet and Wild Fun With Waterproof Sex Toys

    As we eagerly say goodbye to the cold winter temperatures and say hello to the warmth, it will only be a few months until some of us open up our pools and get ready for the summer time. The warm weather brings us at of the house, enjoying the warm sun, grilling out with friends and family, and exciting pool parties. For those daring individuals, you may remember those thrilling times of going skinny dipping with your friends, lovers, or just on a lone adventure. What about this summer? Aside from your pool loungers and beach balls, how about trying a waterproof vibrator to add to the fun? Take your erotic adventures into the pool and have some wet and wild fun. Who says you are too old to play with toys?

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 03/09/2010
  • Sex Toys for The Budget Conscious

    There are a number of sex toys on the market that are powerful, affordable, and will last. Here are some great vibrators based on types that give you a lot of bang for your buck.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Jennifer Amato on 02/17/2010
  • How To Use A Vibrator for First Time Users

    If you have decided to purchase a vibrator for the first time, we are excited for you to experience the pleasure you can achieve from using one.  Read our buying guide 'Choosing The Right Sex Toy' which will help you find the vibrator that is right for you.  Once you decide on a particular vibrator, here are some ideas to enjoy a total orgasmic experience with your new vibrator.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Jennifer Amato on 02/11/2010
  • Instant Gratification or Savor the Moment?

    There are vibrators that are extremely powerful and will give you an orgasm in possibly under a minute.  Then, there are the vibes that are not as powerful that will still satisfy you, but build up to the ultimate climax.  Maybe you want instant gratification, and don't have the time or patience to hold out for your reward.  Or, maybe, you like to prolong your pleasure and take it slow.  Here are some vibrator suggestions that will give you the pleasure that you want, and when you want it.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 01/29/2010
  • Plan a Weekend Getaway and Pack These Travel Size Goodies for A Pleasure Filled Weekend

    In our busy lives, sometimes it can be difficult for couples to spend some quality time together.  From kids activities, to work pressures, to financial stress, this can take a toll on your sex life.  That is why I would suggest taking a weekend getaway to spend some quality alone time together.  Whether it be a weekend at a Bed and Breakfast, a night or two at a cabin, or going to the beach for two nights, having this time to yourselves in a stress free environment is key.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 01/21/2010
  • Surprise Your Lover With an Adult Toy for Valentine's Day

    Unsure of what to get your honey this Valentine's Day?  Chocolates and flowers, are sweet, but why not change it up a bit this year?  Surprise your lover this Valentine's Day with a sensual adult toy.  Despite what you may have seen, there are a number of sex toys out there that are elegant, classy, and not intimidating.  If your partner has expressed an interest in buying an adult product, or if you are looking to liven up the action in the bedroom, a sex toy would be the perfect gift.  Here are some great suggestions of sex toys that would not only bring a smile to your partner's face, but will make this Valentine's Day a day to remember.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 01/08/2010
  • How To Clean Your Sex Toys

    Here are tips to clean your sex toys properly.  It is important to properly clean your toys to keep them maintained and also for sanitary reasons.  If you plan on sharing your sex toy with a partner, we recommend using a condom to prevent the spread of STD's and other bacteria, in addition to proper cleaning.  When you first receive your sex toy, make sure you clean it prior to using it.  In addition, check your toys to make sure there are no rips in the silicone, rubber, or jelly.  Look over your glass and hard plastic toys to make sure there are no cracks.  Any tears or cracks in the product can trap bacteria, and cannot be cleaned properly.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 01/06/2010
  • Discreet Vibrators That We Recommend To Keep Your Pleasure Private

    If you have a roommate,or have children, you may have been hesitant to purchase a sex toy due to privacy reasons. What if my child finds my sex toy?  What if my roommate stumbles upon my Jack Rabbit vibrator?  If you are worried about your children, your roommate, or even visitors finding your special toy, here are some discreet sex toys that we would recommend for you.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Jennifer Amato on 01/04/2010
  • Top Five Recommended Vibrators for Women That Will Not Disappoint

    Have you ever purchased a vibrator, were so excited to receive it, finally get to use it, and be completely disappointed because of its lack of power?  Or, you may have used it a few times, and come to find that it no longer works and are unable to return it.  It can be frustrating, and you may even ask yourself, why bother?  However, there are a number of fantastic vibrators on the market that will exceed your expectations and are guaranteed to satisfy your sexual appetite.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 12/31/2009
  • Best Sex Toys for Couples - The Holiday Gifts That Keep On Giving

    With the holidays fast approaching, you may be wondering what would be the perfect gift to get your partner.  Clothes? Perfume?  Jewelry?  How about something you and your partner can enjoy together?  What a great surprise it would be to present your lover with an erotic gift that you and your partner can share together.  Make this holiday even more memorable.  Here are some great sex toys for couples that my husband and I have used, and we feel, would make the perfect gifts for this holiday season.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 11/30/2009
  • What Your Sex Toys Are Made Of - Sex Toy Materials Defined

    With all the sex toys on the market and the intimate nature of the product, it would be wise to know exactly what your sex toys are made of. Here are some of the basic types of materials that sex toys are made of.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 11/17/2009
  • Get Educated on Phthalates and Phthalate-Free Sex Toy Alternatives

    Recent studies have shown the potential health risks with the use products containing phthalates.  With this growing concern, there are a growing amount of manufacturers that are producing phthalate free sex toys and sex toy web sites, such as that have a separate department section on the web site specifically offering phthalate free sex toys.

    Read More »    Leave A Comment     Posted by Amanda Delcuadro on 11/06/2009

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