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World's 10 Best Sex Toys

Posted by Kimberly Fidi on 03/04/2009 in General SexEd Articles

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Each year we scour the globe to find the best sex toys on the market. We compile Sex Toy Reviews & Vibrator Reviews submitted by our customers along with responses from our friends that are in the business of pleasure. Our staff weighed all the results and after much conversation have narrowed down the field. We are pleased to introduce you to our Annual Sex Toy Awards or as we like to call them "The Kimmy's". Out of the thousands of products we offer, these all pass the test as the Best Sex Toys in terms of quality, orgasmic satisfaction, and value. We rate each product on a grading scale of A+ to F- (A+ being the best of course) for each of these categories.

We are thrilled to announce the 2014 World's 10 Best Sex Toys!

Dr Laura Berman Intimate Basics Danae

Dr Laura Berman Intimate Basics Danae

If you are looking for a powerful vibrator, check out the Danae!  The Danae not only works wonders to loosen those tense back muscles, but will also work its magic on your erogenous zone.

Quality: A  Features a soft flexo joint, rounded head to move with your body during use.  This vibrator feels very durable with a reliable motor.

Orgasmic Value: A+  Very powerful, with three speeds of vibration.  

We say... This is a great vibrator.  It has the power of an electric style massager, and since it is battery powered, this vibrator is conveniently portable.

Night Rider Ballsy G-spot


Night Rider G-spot

The Night Rider G-spot is a fantastic G-spot vibrator.  This vibrator offers a lot of features for its under $30 price tag.  The Night Rider G-spot features multiple functions of vibrations for a variety of sensations.  It is very easy to use with an on/off button at the base and a separate button to control the different vibration functions.  

Quality: B -  We give this vibrator a B.  The vibrator does feel durable, but is made of soft jelly as opposed to silicone.  

Orgasmic Value: B+ Powerful and offers ten functions of pleasing vibration rhythms.

We say... This is a great vibrator for the price.  We love the variety of vibration rhythms and the ease of use.

Ultimate rabbit vibrator

The Spicy Rabbit

Winner 6th Year in a Row!

Our most popular dual vibrator! The Bunny's Ears are perfectly positioned for maximum clitoral stimulation and the ears are not as flimsy as other Jack Rabbit vibrators. Features a separate control for clitoral vibration and shaft rotation. This sex toy offers a lot of power and features for an great price!

Quality: B+  The Spicy Rabbit is a reliable vibrator that will bring you many nights of pleasure. Regardless if you use this product once a day, once a week, or once a month, you can expect that this sex toy will be one of the more dependable toys that you have ever owned.

Orgasmic Value: A+  "Rabbit" clitoral stimulator emits powerful vibrations and its shaft rotates with vigor. The Spicy Rabbit definitely gives higher priced vibrators a run for the money. Bottom line, the Spicy Rabbit will deliver intense orgasms.

We say... The most reviewed, best sex toy that we carry. We receive about 20 reviews a week of 5 out of 5 stars from customers that have bought this product. That alone speaks volumes.

i Vibe Pocket Rocket

iVibe Pocket Rocket

This is one of the most powerful mini-massager that we've seen available.  Packing a lot of power for its size, the iVibe Pocket Rocket features a quiet, single speed motor.  It is so compact, that this vibrator will fit in your glove compartment, travel bag, and even your cosmetic bag.

Quality: A - We Have customers that have had their iVibe Pocket Rockets for years and continue to enjoy the pleasurable sensations.  

Orgasmic Value: A - For a small vibrator, this sex toy will take you by surprise with its level of intensity. The iVibe Pocket Rocket features an ultra powerful motor/.

We say... The iVibe Pocket Rocket makes the perfect travel companion.  Its discreet sizes allows this small vibe to be easily stored away.  You will love the power that the iVibe Pocket rocket generates.  

Bendable Touch

Bendable Touch

The Bendable Touch vibrator by Evolved Novelties features a unique design.  Its shaft is flexible to pinpoint your desired areas of stimulation.  This dual area style vibrator not only features a motor in the clitoral stimulator, but also in the shaft for maximum pleasure.

Quality: A  This vibrator is made of hygienically superior TPR (thermoplastic rubber), which is phthalate free and latex free.  This vibrator feels very well made and is also watereproof.

Orgasmic Value:  A  We love how there are two motors in this vibrator so vibration can be felt throughout the vibrator.  It is also very simple to use, with a simple push button to choose between three speeds of vibration.

We say... We love the style of the Bendable Touch.  The bendable shaft works wonders if you a using it for G-spot play.  We love the power and the fact that it is latex and pthalate free.

Love Bug Butterfly Bullet

Love Bug Butterfly Bullet

This bullet style vibe will give you explosive orgasms with its powerful vibrations.  

QualityThe bullet is covered with a silicone sleeve that is phthalate free.  Its motor is quiet which makes this vibrator very discreet.  The controller and cord seem to be well made and sturdy.

Orgasmic Value: A-  Offers four powerful speeds of vibration that go from mild to wild.

We say... This is one of our favorite bullet vibrators.  We appreciate the quiet, yet powerful motor.  It is also very easy to operate.  We also love how this vibrator costs under $25.  Definitely a lot of bang for your buck.

Spicy Rabbit Supreme

Spicy Rabbit Supreme

The Spicy Rabbit Supreme is a dual action vibrator that features a rotating shaft with a powerful clitoral stimulator.  This rabbit vibrator offers six speeds of shaft rotation and clitoral vibrations.  Plus, if you want to add a little variation, there are three pulsation functions to add to your pleasure.  This vibrator also has separate controls on the base of the vibrator to control the shaft and clitoral stimulator, which gives you the ability to easily choose which mode of stimulation is most pleasurable to you.  The rotating shaft has non jamming plastic beads that playfully swirl around in the shaft for a vaginal massage.  

Quality: B+  Made of hygienically safe phthalate free materials, this vibe offers quality both on the inside and outside.  The controls, materials, and motor offer reliability.  Expect this vibe to last.

Orgasmic Value: B+  The clitoral stimulator is very powerful and you will enjoy the stimulating massage of the rotating shaft.

We say...We are thrilled that the Spicy Rabbit Supreme made the list.  This is a great vibrator for beginners and veteran users.  The intensity of the vibrations on the rabbit stimulator will give you an intense clitoral massage.  An added plus is the colorful light display that is activated when you turn the vibrator on.  

Hot & Smooth Vibrator

Hot and Smooth Vibe

The Hot and Smooth Vibe is a traditional vibrator that produces a lot of power.  In comparison to other vibrators, the Hot and Smooth Vibe is a simple vibrator, without any fancy features. The Hot and Smooth vibe is made of phthalate free hard plastic.  Operated by 2 C size batteries, you can feel the strong vibrations throughout the entire vibrator.

Quality: B Powerful, long lasting motor.  Simple, durable design

Orgasmic Value: B+  One of our most powerful traditional vibrators.  Very easy to use.

We say...We have written numerous articles featuring this vibrator.  We can't get enough of it!  We love the simplistic design, super powerful motor, and multiple, orgasmic producing speeds of vibration.  A great vibrator that costs under $20.

Dream Maker Lunar Rabbit Vibrator

Dream Maker Lunar Rabbit

The Dream Maker Lunar Rabbit from Evolved Novelties is a superb dual action vibrator. Features a rotating shaft with non jamming metal beads to fill you with the utmost pleasure. The rabbit shaped clitoral stimulator will take you over the edge into orgasmic bliss with its powerful vibrations.  Plus, the Lunar Rabbit has over 600 combinations of speed and function. This is a waterproof vibrator so your fun is limitless!

Quality:- Made of top quality phthalate free TPR.  Reliable, long lasting motor.

Orgasmic Value: A This vibrator will excite you, thrill you, and please you with its numerous vibration combinations and power.  

We say... The Dream Maker Lunar Rabbit will make your orgasmic wishes come true.  You will love how the shaft rotation and clitoral stimulator work in harmony to produce amazing, intense orgasms.  We love the power, the multitude of features, and its quality design.

Wahl 7 in 1

Hitachi Magic Wand

Who knew this full body massager worked wonders as a clitoral vibrator?  Extremely powerful, orgasm producing product!  A great vibrator to have especially if you have children or nosy roommates since it does not look like a vibrator!  Offers two power packed speeds!

Quality: A+  This vibe is very reliable, giving you countless orgasms.  Great quality for an affordable price.  Some of our customers have had theirs for about ten years!

Orgasmic Value A+  The Wahl is very powerful vibrator.  You will definitely have no problems achieving an orgasm. 

We say... Love it!!!  We loved the power of this vibrator.  Our product testers have achieved some of their most intense orgasms with this vibe.