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New to the world of SpicyGear? This is a great place to start. Inside this department, we feature some of our best selling sex toys and other products. Read or list of Kimberly's 10 Best Sex Toys and our the “World's Best Condoms” list. Looking for the latest additions to our catalog? Then Click on 'What's New' for a listing of our spicy new arrivals.

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  • Best Selling Vibrators

    The Spicy Most Wanted List. According to you, our customer, here is our monthly compilation of Best Selling Products from all categories.
  • Best Sex Toys for Woman 2018

    These are the vibrators that our customers and the SpicyGear staff have raved about. If you are uncertain as to what kind of vibrator you should buy, check out our must have vibrators list.
  • Sandy's Favorite Toys

    "These are the crème d' la crème. Every month, I go through my stock and pick my favorite Adult Toys.. Check out my Personal Favorites! Great if you are not sure what to buy her. This is what I keep in my home!" - Sandy
  • John's Favorite Products

    John shares his thoughts on his Favorite Toys!All tested for durability and to create great pleasure!
  • Jennifer's Favorite Products

    Thank you for checking out my favorite sex toys. Working in this industry has given me the opportunity to try out various adult toys. The toys listed below are my absolute favorites. Check them out...I am confident that you will love them too.
  • Amanda's Favorite Products

    Here are the 10 Best Products according to Amanda in our accounting department.
  • Elizabeth's Favorite Products

    "These vibrators are so amazing! I am delighted to share with you my delectable selection of favorite vibrators that has brought me extreme pleasure. I am confident that you will totally agree with me once you try some of these toys out." ~ Elizabet
  • Stephanie's Favorite Products

    Our all-star customer service ace shares with you her favorite products from the Collection. You know these products must be reliable because Stephanie handles all of our customer service calls.
  • Becca's Favorite Products

    "You will thank me once you check out some of my favorites. Whatever insatiable sexual needs that you have, I can guarantee that one of these sex toys will satisfy that hearty appetite." - - Becca
  • Adam's Favorite Products

    Our Warehouse Manager, Adam, picks his top 10 list of best sex toys.
  • Michael's Favorite Products

    Michael's Favorite Adult Toys. Our Sales Manager picks his 10 best adult toys.
  • Kyle's Favorite Products

    Our staff photographer Kyle T picks his 10 Favorite Products!
  • Featured Products

    Check out some of signature toys and products. Don't forget.. All purchases at are 100% Private, Shipped in Plain Boxes and are Verisign Secured.