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Sybian Sex Machine

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The Sybian Sex Machine. Hands down the most incredible, most powerful and highest quality sex toy every made. Very pricey, but those that own one will tell you nothing compares to this.

Sybian Sex Machine
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Sybian Sex Machine

Built to provide a lifetime of pleasure, this device has been the number one rated sexual product since its market debut in 1987. Sybian gives the ultimate in sexual stimulation and is primarily used for sexual gratification but hundreds have had their first orgasm ever when using it. Thousands have gone from settling for a single orgasm, to being multi-orgasmic and then to being poly-orgasmic. All have become more responsive and enjoyable partners.

Simulated intercourse with Sybian provides simultaneous, intense stimulation of both the clitoris (external area) and the Grafenberg Spot (internal area).

The Sybian Total Package Includes The Following
* Main Sybian Unit
* Small Vaginal Attachment
* Medium Vaginal Attachment
* Large Real Like Attachment
* Flat Top Attachment
* Matching Stool
* Springs & Plastic Stems
* Warranty and Instruction Manual

What People Are Saying...
Wow, our Sybian arrived yesterday & when I came home from work, my wife was all smiles! We just used it today for the second time with me here watching & using the controls. Her orgasms were so intense that I thought she would pass out. She really did need help to stand up after her 3rd orgasm in a matter of minutes. I had ordered it & telling her only that I had a surprise for coming via UPS. We have nothing but praise for this Sybian & would tell anyone to have one, they won't regret it! She has already informed me that we will NEVER send it back & she can't wait to have her g/f's to try it out.

This was the MOST incredible orgasm I have ever had...... I have a friend who has the Sybian and when I used it I never expected my world to rock. It is incredible when used as a tool together with your lover. It always the woman to be pleasured while leaving her completely free to pleasure her partner. BUT be careful especially the first time she uses it.........It is very difficult to have any control or the ability to concentrate! I can not say enough about this machine IT IS A MUST for anyone or couple looking to experience a truly INCREDIBLE sex life together or alone.

"Sybian arrived on Christmas Eve, as you promised, and we tried it Christmas night. My wife had an orgasm the very first time and things have been going up from there. I guess she would have been considered multi-orgasmic before, but now she is more so. You quoted Dr. Crenshaw, 'the more sex you have, the more sex you will want, and the more sexually responsive you will be.' This really has happened to both of us... it's great."

The Sybian Is NON Returnable Unless Defective. It comes with a 5 Year manufacturer Warranty against Defect. We know of many people that have had them for well over 10 years with never a problem.

Product Characteristics

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Noise Level   Quieter Noise Level: 10/10 Louder
Power Level   Gentle  Power Level: 10/10 Powerful
Powered By   Electric Powered
Speed   Multiple Speed

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5 Stars Sandra - Welsh, OK
I bought my Sybian almost 10 years ago and ride it at least once a week. My orgasms are so intense and I have become a real gusher. Thanks from an OLD customer

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