Vibratex Rabbit Pearl Elastomer Vibrator

Vibratex Rabbit Pearl E

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As seen on Sex in the City. This is Samantha's Japanese Wonder Vibrator. Intense Vibrations and Multi-Speed. Staff Favorite. Now made with a non-latex phthalate-free material (Elastomer) that is super soft and supple.

Vibratex Rabbit Pearl E
Vibratex Rabbit Pearl E
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Vibratex Rabbit Pearl E

The Vibratex Rabbit Pearl Vibrator is beautifully designed and features a superior, long-lasting motor. Now made with a non-latex, phthalate-free material (Elastomer) that is super soft and supple. Made in Japan, these toys are a favorite choice for the quality-conscious. Find out what makes the Vibratex Rabbit Pearl E vibrator so beloved across the world!

Product Features:
- Insertable to 5-1/4"
- Multi-Speed Controls for Both Vibration and Rotation
- Very Powerful with its "C" Size Battery Power Plant
- Features Rows of Non-Jamming Pearls
- Bendable Shaft Stimulates Hard To Reach Spots
- Super Powerful Rabbit Ears for Maximum Clitoral Stimulation

Experience the Rabbit Pearl E vibrator for yourself and feel the difference!

Product Characteristics

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Length   5-1/4
Made Of   phthalate free elastomer
Noise Level   Quieter Noise Level: 8/10 Louder
Power Level   Gentle  Power Level: 8/10 Powerful
Powered By   3 C Batteries
Speed   Multi-Speed
Width   1-1/2"

Customer Vibratex Rabbit Pearl E Reviews

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5 Stars Sarah - Kentucky
This was the best sex toy ever, this was my first one and I enjoyed it so much. I read a lot of reviews on different toys and am so glad I chose this one and would recommend it to anyone. It got me off more than once and was so easily aroused it was amazing it gets me worked up just thinking about it. Well worth the money. I love the rabbit hears it hits all the right spots. I am gonna go actually use it before I go to bed I've gotten so horny just telling you about it.
2 Stars Karen - Gulfport
From what other people had told me I expected more.  It's an ok toy, but all in all I was disappointed... and that's a lot of money to spend to be disappointed with the product.  The second time I used it, it actually quit working... right in the middle of when things COULD have gotten good!  Now THAT Was a Big disappointment!
5 Stars Regina -
"This is the best sex toy I've ever used. It is wonderful to use with someone or alone. The two functions: vibrations from the bunny and rotation of the shaft (and pearls) are controlled separately and have a great variation from the lowest setting to the highest. The only drawback is that it is quite loud at full power. In the way of put things bluntly, the first time I used this I lasted less than one full minute and I'm not what you would call oversensitive. I've tried a few different toys other than this but I've never been nearly as satisfied as I am with this."
5 Stars Shannon - Minneapolis, MN
I love the length of this toy - not too long and not too short. It's a great stress releiver, and being able to slowly increase the intensity of both the clitoral stimulator and the inside vibrations easily sends me over the edge. I especially love the non-jamming pearls! Also, the remote control is easy to handle when I have better things on my mind than finding the right button, it fits into my hand perfectly.
5 Stars Katie - Michigan
This is amazing!!!! I don't usually like toys this changed my mind I never came so hard!!! I recommend this HIGHLY to all women!

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5 Stars Kim- Staff - Tampa, FL
Made of high quality durable latex, the Rabbit Pearl vibrator offers a soft, comfortable fit. Offers multiple speeds of vibration and rotation to choose from and several rows of pearls that will not jam during use. A great feature of the Rabbit Pearl is its bendable shafts to stimulate those hard to reach zones.
5 Stars Sexy - LA
This is the BEST most wonderful sex toy ive have played with. It is the best. I use it all the time. My husband sticks it in me all the time and i love it sooooooo much. It fells good.
5 Stars Liz - New York, NY
What a wonderful product. I think every woman should buy this sex toy. It is well worth the money.
3 Stars Margaret - Daytona, FL
I thought I was upgrading from the Spicy Rabbit to this. I was mostly interested in the way the shaft rotated. I was very pleased with the shaft as the whole top rotated around and how strong the vibrations were but the vibrating rabbit didn't reach far enough and my clit never got stimulated properly even with the toy in as far as it'd go. Also, the chord is flimsy and broke after 3 months. (The batteries hadn't even died yet. lol) I'm frustrated I spent twice as much for this than a Spicy Rabbit and it didn't even last a year! My advice? Just buy a Spicy Rabbit. Save money and time.

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