Toys for Her

Toys for Her

If you are trying to figure out where to buy a vibrator, consider our online shop. We have many models of vibrators in stock right now. It is an excellent idea to buy vibrators online because you can save money.

We have one of the widest selection of vibrators anywhere on the web. Our conventional vibrators are excellent options for both first-time and experienced users. We also have a wide range of speciality vibrators, including clitoral vibrators, waterproof vibrators, and rechargeable vibrators. If you would like to buy a vibrator that you can use in the bathtub or the shower, a waterproof model is the best choice for you. If you are tired of changing the batteries in your current vibrator, you should consider a rechargeable style. We aim to make it simple for all of our clients to discreetly buy vibrators online. You are sure to find any vibrator model that you are interested in for a fair price here. Our selection of traditional vibrators is user friendly for beginners yet powerful for those thrill seeking intermediate users. Choose from sensational clitoral vibrators to tickle your fancy to discreet little vibrating wonders. Tired of replacing batteries? Check out our high quality selection of rechargeable vibrators. Interested in a little wet and wild action? Our waterproof vibrators will send waves of orgasmic pleasure. Whatever you hunger for, SpicyGear has the products to satisfy your sexual appetite.

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  • Traditional Vibrators

    Traditional vibrators are the classic style of vibrators that are typically designed for vaginal insertion, but can also be used for clitoral stimulation. They are available in all different sizes, materials, and levels of power output.
  • Vibrators - View All Products

    Browse page by page through our entire collection of high quality Vibrators. Just browse through our aisles; maybe something will catch your eye.
  • Clitoral Vibrators

    Clitoral Vibrators are designed specially for external stimulation of the clitoris. These clitoral stimulators come in various styles and powers for maximum pinpoint pleasure.
  • Dual Area Vibrators

    Dual Area Vibrators - Designed to stimulate both the clitoral and vaginal erogenous zones simultaneously. Many of the dual area vibrators feature a beaded shaft with rotating balls or beads, and a buzzing clitoral stimulator.
  • Jack Rabbit Vibrators

    Jack Rabbit Vibrators - Also known as Dual Action Vibrators. These types of vibrating sex toys have a clitoral stimulator attached to a rotating, vibrating shaft. They stimulate both the clitoris and vagina at the same time.
  • Pocket Rocket Vibrators & Sex Toys

    Shop for Pocket Rocket Vibrators. These high power clitoral sex toys are designed for pin point stimulation, and are one of our most popular types of products.
  • Triple Area Vibrators

    Triple Area Vibrators are similar to Dual Area Vibrators, except these feature a third mode of stimulation with their added anal region attachment. These types of vibrators massage the clitoris, vagina, and anal region simultaneously.
  • G-Spot Vibrators

    G spot vibrators are shaped with a curved tip to stimulate a female's G-spot. Our G spot sex toys are made of different materials, textures,and levels of vibration intensity. Explore your G-spot with one of our high quality G-spot vibrators.
  • Life-Like Vibrators

    These realistic vibrators are as close as you can get to the actual thing. Our Life-Like vibrators look and feel like the real thing. From the color, textures, and sizes, these realistic vibrators will not disappoint.
  • Anal Vibrators

    Our selection of anal sex toys range from styles for an individual who is experimenting with anal stimulation to anal sex toys for a more veteran player. Anal vibrators are seamless, and are available in different sizes.
  • Bulletts & Wands

    Vibrating bullets and vibrating eggs are used for external stimulation and are small in size, like the size of a bullet or egg. Vibrating wands are operated with controls toward the base and can be used for vaginal, clitoral, and anal stimulation.
  • Powerful Vibrators

    These powerful vibrators will produce orgasms like you have never experienced. All of these high quality vibrators produce extremely intense vibrations. From traditional vibrators to clitoral vibrators, do not expect a purr, expect a roar of power.
  • Discreet Vibrators

    These small vibrators are ideal for those looking to have a discreet affair with her toys. All are easy to carry in your purse or even your glove box!
  • Mini Vibrators

    Mini Vibrators are smaller versions of some of our more popular items. These compact vibrators are primarily designed for clitoral stimulation. They are quiet, discreet and pack some serious power despite their small size.
  • Quiet Vibrators

    If you want to enjoy the pleasure of your vibrator without the loud motor, check our selection of quiet vibrators.These vibrators contain whisper quiet motors that are still effective in helping you achieve an amazing orgasm.
  • Rechargeable Vibrators

    Rechargeable vibrators run on battery power but can be plugged into an electrical outlet to be recharged. Heavy users can save a ton of money on batteries! Our rechargeable vibrators are reliable, powerful, and are cordless!
  • Waterproof Vibrators

    Ride the waves of pleasure with our Waterproof Vibrators! Use these vibrators in the shower, bath tub, or pool. Our waterproof vibrators come in a variety of playful shapes and sizes. Enjoy a wet and wild erotic adventure!