World's Best Condoms Sampler Jar

2019 World's Best Condoms Jar

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Sample 30 of The Best Condoms In the World! This sampler jar contains the top 10 condoms (based on reviews) that we carry. A safer sex must have! On Sale - Save $15 for a limited time.

2019 World's Best Condoms Jar
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2019 World's Best Condoms Jar

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The winners of the World’s Best Condom Awards have been announced, and now you can be the judge! Condom Depot’s exclusive World’s Best Condom Sampler Jar features 3 each of the World’s Best Condom winners, plus 1 of the popular Lover's Vibrating Power Bullet, and premium lubricant samples.

This variety condom sample pack truly is the best for those who are looking for the highest-rated condoms, or a great safe-sex gift.


The  World's Best Sampler Jar Includes:


3 - Crown Skinless Skin

3 - Beyond Seven

3 - Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy

3 - Caution Wear Iron Grip

3 - Durex Extra Sensitive

3 - Kimono Special

3 - Kimono MicroThin

3 - LifeStyles Ultra Thin

3 - ONE Pleasure Plus

3 - ONE Vanish HyperThin

Also Included:

1 - Set of 3 Erection Rings

2 - Single-Use Premium Personal Lubricants

Condom Instructions

Please note: We reserve the right to change any condoms if one is not in stock.

This is a great deal on all of the best condoms.

Customer 2019 World's Best Condoms Jar Reviews

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5 Stars Ric - New York, NY
A great tin with alot variety. Had great experiences with the Kimono Micro Thin and Durex Extra Sensitive (will try all three of each to see which is my favorite). Use any of these in conjunction with the vibrating Johnny and you & your partner will have a great time.
5 Stars Amanda - Pensacola
24 condoms even at Walmart is this same price and they suck. This is by far the best deal ever! Lasted me a year last time I purchased. Beyond Seven and Crown are my faves.
5 Stars Sarah - Grove City, PA
This tin was amazing!!!Besides the fact that it comes with the year's BEST CONDOMS (and they are for a reason) they also are boosted with Vibrating Johnny's and 4 lube packs--- personal favorites with the Durex Love and maybe the Crown's because they're PINK! more realistic color-ish.
5 Stars Jane - Boston
This is a great product. I highly recommend it for couples who haven't found their favorite condom yet. It allowed me and my boyfriend to try different ones for less. Now we get our favorite one in bulk.
5 Stars Anonymous - Cali
I'm rating this on the price to quantity ratio and the quality of the products provided...

1. Condoms never ripped.
2. great variety
3. lube samples were a plus
4. cool tin.

1. On me, about 90% of the condoms ran small, making me go soft.
2. It did not come with the 3 crownless skin condoms and i was really looking forward to trying those, but instead i got 6 of some other weird ones.. kinda disappointed about that.

But for the price and amount of the condoms you get, it's a great deal, i wouldn't buy this again, because i wanted to find a good one... instead I'm going to but the skin crownless ones and give them a try a try.

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5 Stars Dan - RWC, CA
Great product if searching for a condom you and your gal could agree upon.
Just the value/awesomeness of 2 vibrating rings make this package worth every cent. Highly recommended!
5 Stars Benita Lewis-Smith - Cleveland, Ohio
My friend Sam gave me about twelve different condoms from her Tin, and I've been hooked since. I'm about to purchase my own tin!
5 Stars Connie - Olympia, WA
I haven't tried any of these out yet because I'm not with an active partner! But I bought this in preparedness and I have such a great variety to chose from! I've tried a couple of these brands in the past and I am overall satisfied that this tin has brought me the best that Condom Depot could offer! I think everyone should have a little variety in their lives! Makes life more exciting.
5 Stars Shawnda - Cincinnati, Ohio
This will be my third time ordering this tin from this site. LOVE IT!
5 Stars Sara - USA
My husband and I absolutely loved this tin! Our favorites included the crown skinless skins, bare pleasures, and beyond seven studded :) All of then were great though! It's great to have such a big variety to choose from. I am now ordering some crown skinless skins and the 100 variety sampler- can't wait to try more! Who says married sex has to be boring?!? Buy this, you WON'T regret it!

PS: the vibrating rings were amazing!
5 Stars Bob - Utah
This is awesome,
5 Stars nb - Ohio
I don't know much about buying condoms, so I thought a sampler pack of the best rated of everything would a pretty safe way to try a few out and see what would work out best for me and the lady. I didn't think that I was all that abnormally proportioned, but I had a lot of trouble fitting into most of the selections in the tin. I know I'll be ordering more of the Lifestyles KYNGs, and the only other ones that didn't frustratedly end up on the floor were the Beyond Sevens, and they were a bit too restricting for comfort.

Larger guys, be advised. I'll still give the package a good rating because I think it's a good sampler, and the Vibrating Johnnys were a treat for everyone involved.
5 Stars Katie - Davis, CA
Although the container was really neat, and I enjoyed the free lubes and vibrating rings, the condoms themselves were the best part. Every single one made both myself and my partner feel everything
4 Stars Matt - San Antonio, TX
Wife and I were pleased with the assortment. Nice if you're using a condom for the 1st or 2nd time ever, and not sure what to buy.
5 Stars Jayna - Pittsburgh
This tin is so cute! Goes perfect with the free samples of lube I got
5 Stars Jamie - California, West
Brilliant Service!
5 Stars Angel -
5 stars: Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone.
5 Stars Br -
Great variety. Well shipped. I wish the label on the outside could be easily removed so that this product was also discrete.
5 Stars William -
Outstanding. Great selection including condoms I didn't know existed.
5 Stars Daniel -
great price fast shipping
5 Stars yadira ulloa -
Good product. Good selections.
5 Stars George -
Supposed to contain 30, we got 28. Great variety otherwise though!
5 Stars JR -
Product is good. Some of the condoms need to be bigger, but they all do what they need to do.
5 Stars J_kitty -
There is a ton of stuff in this jar. Lol the hard is small but jam packed with condoms, vibrating rings and lube!! Everything you need for a good time. Not disappointed.
4 Stars Rebecca Covarrubias -
OMG!!! Love the rings. Ladies you’ll know what I mean!
5 Stars Paul Strosnider -
Great selection of condoms. I wish they included 3 vibrating johnnies and more lube packets and more variety of lube packets. I found the best condoms to be the ones you couldn't readily find on american sotre shelves, such as kimono,crown,beyond seven, and one brands.

The trojan line and lifestyles line do not compare at all to alot of the other brands.
5 Stars Wesley Smith -
It’s nice to have such a variety to see what works best for us. This is a very nice product.
5 Stars Nick -
A lot of different items, great place to start.
5 Stars Mell -
Fun to pick which to use with my partner!
5 Stars Arash Mahmoudzadeh -
excellent *****************************************************
5 Stars Jake Gratkowski -
Quality package and condoms delivered just as expected
5 Stars Robert -
Good size Container and like the fact that comes with different types of condoms in it..will be buying again when I run it
5 Stars Zeshaun Khan -
3rd year in a row getting this tin! Always fun! And Fast delivery!
5 Stars Andy Persman -
My wife and I really like the vibrating ring and the lube seemed OK. I can't provide an honest review of the condoms because they didn't fit me well. I really like the jar though.
5 Stars Mike Watson -
This is one of the best pack. Assorted and on discount most of the time. Comes with some mini surprise in the box.
5 Stars Adam Ha -
I had multiple condoms break even with the addition of lube, but overall a really good deal. we are pleased
5 Stars S C -
Good. The vibrating condoms were excellent but didn't realize where the off switch was for a minute.
5 Stars Dakotah Boersen -
They where packaged great and very discrete came in the mail very quickly
5 Stars CA -
We look forward to finding our new favorite brand. This is a great way to find what fits and feels the best.
5 Stars tr7x52 -
great way to test a range of product against your size and comfort. cost effective. Most of these seem a little tighter and shorter than I like. But at my most effect 7+ by 5 inches and with a larger head, I am investigating some of the larger variety.

Most of these (under 8)are just adequate in length for me and tend to get pulled forward, particularly with lube. Seems to depends on fit style.
5 Stars Elizabith Costey -
Great product for a fair price. Shipping was quick too. As for the product itself... So far, soooo good. ;)
5 Stars C Smith -
Great place to get started to see what you like! The variety is excellent.
5 Stars JC -
I haven't used any of these yet, but I can tell you with the variety of things happening in this jar of joy, I'm excited to say the least! I figured trying the best of the best would give me a great idea of what my wife and I actually like, versus having a 100 pack of questionable ones. I can't imagine being disappointed with my order!
5 Stars Josh Heynen -
Arrived on time as posted
5 Stars Emily Brezarich -
Excellent variety. Only thing I would say is the Japanese brand was difficult to get on my boyfriend (hes above average) but he said it wasn’t uncomfortable so we were able to use them. The vibrating johnnys were a fun addition
5 Stars Alex Fernandez -
Awesome product with high quality. I really like the freebies included with the products.
5 Stars Chris Howard -
Everything is fine
5 Stars Adam Hardin -
Great assortment
5 Stars Kama -
I always buy this for the variety
5 Stars Mark K -
Great for trying some new things. Not every selection can be your favorite, but hopefully you will find a new go-to :-)
5 Stars Steven LaPenna -
Good variety
5 Stars Christopher Cline -
As described.
5 Stars Blake - Albany, NY
This is a great product. I got it for my girlfriend and I for Christmas. She said it was her favorite gift. This is definitely a good gift if you're new to the "sport."
5 Stars Blue Dutchess - Washington, D.C.
Awesome ! Something for every man and women you can come across in " this" working girl's life. My partners get excited like a kid in a candy store when I bring this can of fun along.
5 Stars Suzanne - Pa
I bought this because I do not know much about condom variety and I thought it would be fun to try them all out with my boyfriend when we went on vacation. We had so much fun seeing the difference between the types of condoms in this tin. I highly recommend this tin if you want to find out which condoms you love and which are just o.k. I know I certainly found some of which I will be buying much more of in the future! Anyone who wants to branch out should definitely try this tin. I also bought a bottle of the Eros Body Glide. I personally can’t live without it now, it is the best lubricant I have ever tried.
5 Stars Anonymous - Orlando, FL
I haven't found one yet I don't like! Definately gives you more variety than the wall at the drug store. Brings a whole new meaning to the term, "The right selection for your erection!"
5 Stars Tom - Los Angeles
What a great grab bag -- everything you'd want for both front and rear wheel drive.
5 Stars Sofia - San Antonio, TX
Great deal and fast, free shipping! Haven't tried 'em all out yet, but so far the Life Styles is ranking high with us. Will definately be coming back to for further business.
5 Stars Ricky - Santa Clarita, CA
This is amazing! This is the best way to try out a bunch of different and some more exotic condoms and see how they compare and rank. A must buy!
5 Stars Sharlene - Brooklyn, NY
5 Stars Danielle - PA
The items described are there, and discount card for future purchases.
5 Stars Liz - New York, NY
A wonderful product. It is great to have so many options. The item came exactly as it was described.
5 Stars Chi Pio Mok - Ewa Beach
Gotta be the best sampler ever, with a tin can to store all your supply!! The extras, like astroglide were Great!!! Shipping was also very quick!!! great deal!!!
5 Stars Zach - Seattle, WA
Great product! This pack allowed us to find what we like most. My girlfriend and I found that we liked Durex Love the most after trying each and every type in this tin. Great for people who haven't quite found the condom for them yet.
5 Stars Anonymous - NC
This is a great gift idea for a fiance bought these for me and although we haven't tried out much more than the crown condoms - which are GREAT by the way - we are planning on using the vibrating johnny, as well as the others over the next few months. This tin is a great way to try out a bunch of different products and figure out which ones work best for you!
5 Stars Vinny - Illinois
Great product and a great price! After searching around on the net for sampler packs, this one caught my eye; I ordered it for my girlfriend for our one year anniversary. She loved it :) We've tried a few now and shes always wanting to try more, great product!
5 Stars TomTom - Camp Hill PA
Just got my Tin... Cant wait to try all these fun new condoms!!! will do business again!
5 Stars R.J. - Orange County, CA
This is a great product, i was quite surprised at everything that was stuffed into that little tin. i bought 24 more of the Crow Skinless Skin's because they were so good, the Trustex Ribbed and Studded are amazing too. you feel like a god wearing them...
5 Stars Mark - Windsor, ON
Was great. Me and the girlfriend enjoyed them all. One of the micro thin ones was super small...lbut the other two were magnificent.
Crown were my favorite...she likes the bare pleasure ones.
5 Stars z - ohio
decided to purchase this after i broke about 4 or 5 durex in a row, unfortunate i know. but after buying this tin i have not had a problem since, and it gave me insights on what brands and kinds i should be buying! thank you condomdepot
5 Stars Modulo15 - San Diego, CA
I was so excited when this package arrived. It was like another X-mas going through and seeing all the different types of condoms. We haven't even tried all of them yet. The only concern I have is that it comes with a few different sized condoms. The Beyond Seven condoms are a little too tight (because they are smaller), and I am afraid the Trustex Extra Large condoms may fit too loose (haven't tried them yet, not sure if I want to risk them). However, now I know not to buy those products individually.
I highly recommend this product!
5 Stars JZ - NJ
This is by far one of the best deals on the web. All the condoms are great and allows you to keep things fresh. The vibrating rings kick ass and lubes are good too... GREAT BUY WILL BUY AGAIN!
5 Stars Anon - Ny,Ny
although not all condoms included are 5s, or even 4s, the fact is that this is a well balanced sampler and definitely a great way of finding what does and doesn't work for you. 3 of each kind is perfect for keeping the cost reasonable but still giving you enough to decide if you like a given brand. Nice work!
5 Stars Brendan - Taunton, Massachusetts
Wow, for $30 (inc. shipping) WHAT A VALUE! In stores or elsewhere I expected to spend almost $80 on products like these, with everything this pack offered its just GREAT! and the 3-6 day shipping, came in 2! Will definitely come back for more.
5 Stars Jay - Inland Empire, CA
Awesome deal! Comes with the best of the best, lets you find the ones you like. The tin is great, clearly labels all of the contents, and its small enough to be placed on the side of the bed - ready to go! I bought this so me and my girl could try out the best of the best, we love it! Definitely worth the cost, hard to beat for under $30!
5 Stars Phil - Roanoke, VA
Possibly the best deal out there for the money. They are all great, especially the vibrating one.
5 Stars Jessica - OKC OK
Great deal for the price. We received them sooner than expected .
5 Stars Johny - US
I love these condoms ...
5 Stars Melvin - Brisbane, Australia
Excellent product! Bit disappointed as I did not get the eros lubricant sampler, but got 6 of the other instead.. but oh well, can't wait to try the condoms!

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